The easiest online business on the net. A Laptop, an Internet Connection, a webcam, a quiet room and YOU is all you need to get started. Leave the complicated matters to us.


That's right! Set a schedule that's right for you. Work around school, your present job or family obligations. Be as flexible as you want.


You decide how much you want to make. The more time you put in the more $$$ you will make -- from a few hundred dollars a week to a few thousand. It all depends on you.


All our models are treated with care and respect. We guide you through the whole process and work with you every step of the way to help you be successful. We are always available by phone or email.


Your Cam Modeling work can be as discreet or public as you want. Technology today can block whole states or IP addresses so your neighbors and friends will not know what you are doing when you are online. It is your call, so you decide.


This is your ticket to a lifestyle with more freedom. No more missed family holidays, birthdays, concerts or special get-togethers. Now that dream vacation becomes a reality. Make all your dreams and goals come true.


The baddest collection of brains on the internet to serve your needs.

Keiko Koike


The glue that keeps everything together.

Jenny Trousdale

Web Development

The alchemist that comes up with the greatest designs for our models.

Sasha Moriskova


Online Media Buying and Traffic Specialist & Copywriter.

Samantha Wright

Web Development

Custom Script programmer for models specialized web applications.


Our company TCI Media is searching for models that want to just focus on cam modeling and not worry about the mundane technical and business aspects of the business. We remove all the stress of being a cam model to make the whole experience enjoyable and profitable for you. We treat you like the star that you are.

Why Cam Modeling?

A Webcam model is one of the easiest and safest professions in the adult industry. You are always in control of the environment and you will never have to deal with anyone in person. You can never be forced to do something you don't want to do.

As the world becomes increasingly more high tech there is less face to face communication to interact with each other. People need interaction! Not one way FB posts, Instagram pics or Tweets.

Videos (like YouTube) and Camming is the closest thing to face to face interaction and it is convenient for everyone to satisfy this need. But Camming wins hands down because real time interaction is what people want and willing to pay for. This is why the camming is starting to be a HUGE TREND now and beginning to really take off.

Get your share and contact us now to see if you qualify.

TCI Media

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The models we have worked with love what we do for them. We treat them with respect and take care of all their questions big or small. See what they have to say...

Hey guys, my name is Amber and I've been an internet webcam model for a little over a year now and let me say I absolutely love it! I set my own schedule, I work whenever I want to. I take my computer anywhere as long as there's internet and connect with all of my fans. I don't even feel like I'm working, I actually just party all day long. I dance, I play, I get new gifts in the mail, it's amazing. I love being online, it's such a great experience. So whether you're a new or experienced webcam model I highly recommend applying to become a webcam model today!


Age 20
Becoming a part of the team was one of the best decisions I could have made. I am a full-time parent and full-time student. Becoming a webcam model has allowed me to work less while making more money. It allows me to spend more time with my children. We get to take a lot more trips together as a family. I'm also able to focus better and concentrate on my studies and not be as stressed out or overwhelmed. I really love what I do and love talking through the camera. It's just so easy to make money, I totally love it!!!


Age 27
Here are 5 reasons why I like being an internet webcam model and why I would recommend it to others. First, I have options to choose whether to do the amateur site, live webcam shows or my own adult video store (or do all three). Second, it's wonderful having full support of an agent who I can communicate with regularly and who gets back to me. Third, it's very convenient and safe, and I get to choose my own hours. Fourth, it's a lot of fun, I'm not going to lie, I have a blast. Fifth, I make good money doing this. So there it is.


Age 35


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